About Us

Belaire Elementary is 1 of 17 elementary campuses within San Angelo Independent School District in San Angelo, TX. Belaire serves students from Pre-K-5th grade. We strive to be value driven and evidence- informed in all that we do.  Belaire is a  school that is built on student voice and family partnerships.

Belaire is a certified ES2S Campus! Our student-led committee is happy and eager to welcome new military and non-military students to Belaire!

Belaire History

Belaire Elementary's school building was originally constructed in 1955.  It was a circular structure and had the distinction of being the first air conditioned elementary school in the United States!  In 1965, the library building was added; another six classroom building was added in 1983.  

In 1994, a fire destroyed much of Belaire.  A new cafeteria, two classroom buildings, a multi-purpose building (the first one in a San Angelo elementary school,) and office were constructed to replace what was destroyed in the fire. 

Belaire has had 7 principals:  Harvey Palmer, Maxine Keen, Herman Rubio, Joyce Sprott, Tia Agan, Twyla Tasker, Connie Williams, Lindsay Carr, and the current principal Laura Eubank.

We believe:

  • Student achievement is our highest priority and core principle for all decision that impact the district.
  • Equitable allocation of resources ensures each student will have the opportunity to become a capable, productive, and contributing citizen.
  • Stakeholder partnerships are vital links to student achievement and essential connections that foster student success.
  • In the value of each employee, in his/her personal and professional growth and empowerment to ensure academic achievement and student success. 
  • All students learn best in a safe, supportive, and secure environment.